Kögel Coil Cargo

Kögel Coil Cargo. Coil oplegger, laadvermogen 30 ton.

Kögels new Coil Cargo trailer is optimised for the transport of coils and split strips, but also suitable for a variety of cargo due to its low tare weight. The new Cargo Coil is now available in various designs depending on its intended application and the country where it will be used.

The Kögel Cargo Coil comes with a highly stable lightweight steel frame with a coil trough. Coils and split strips with a diameter of 900-2,100 mm and a maximum distributed load of 30 tonnes can be transported in the standard coil trough of 7,200 mm or the optional 9,000-mm-long coil trough. This allows a total vehicle weight of up to 45 tons, subject to special approval. Two pairs of stake pockets in the coil trough, one pair of stake pockets at the beginning of the front trough and one pair at a distance of approximately 2,050 millimetres to hold the square-tube stanchions are fitted as standard for load securing. There are also 13 pairs of lashing rings set into the Vario-Fix perforated steel external frame that allow almost stepless lashing of the cargo. Of these, five pairs have 2,000 kg tensile force per ring and eight pairs have 4,000 kg per ring in the area of the payload centre of gravity.

Sixteen coil trough covers ensure fast and safe covering or uncovering of the coil trough. The floor load-bearing capacity can bear axle loads of fork lift trucks of up to 5,460 kgs. The advantage of the Kögel integral roof tarpaulin is that in the Kögel Cargo Coil there are no straps hanging down into the loading area when the roof is open because they are integrated into the roof tarpaulin. This entirely eliminates straps snagging on the load.

The Cargo Coil is certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL. The new standard Kögel aluminium rear wall door is installed in the Cargo Coil. The self-cleaning trilobular shaft guide and its ease of repair due to inexpensive and easily replaceable single articulated hinges are great advantages.

This trailer is available with sliding tarpaulin and drop side as well as full tarpaulin and drop side. Moreover, it is also available as a TIR version for cross-border traffic in all three models. A FlexiUse trailer body can also be supplied to provide the greatest possible flexibility. This includes six front and three rear or now also the option of four settings, each adjustable by 50 millimetres.

Some other optional features are a two-millimetre-thick and 1,250-millimetre-high galvanised steel plate on the inside of the front wall for increased front wall loading, various options for load securing and a sliding roof.

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 Kögel Coil Cargo
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